Water Power Ball Clock

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    Time powered by water, leap forward towards a greener planet.


    • Color::Blue
    • Gross weight::54g
    • Net weight::92g
    • Size::81x76x78mm

    Key Features


     features point:

    • Water clock

    •  Powered by water

    •  eco-friendly products

    •  no batteries require

    •  To operate, all you need is H2O

    •  Excellent for demonstrating water power in action

    • Alternative energy

    • Decrease your carbon footprint

    Easy use

    The Water Clock keeps perfect time without batteries or electricity.

    Just open the fill cap and add water.Can enables the amazing Water Clock to generate it own energy.

    Electrodes within the water reservoir convert ions into a current strong enough to power the clock for 3-month or more.

    If there is no water just add the new at the water level.

    A built in memory chip ensures you never need to reset the time while add the water.

    And it very easy-to-set hour and minute time settings.

    Button Instructions

    There are two buttons on this clock S&M.

    S:set,it can switch the date , second and time.

    M:mode, it can adjustment date, second and time's parameters used with the set button.

    (In the mode ,set button can increase or decrease the number)


    No batteries

    Don't be caught without a clock the next time the power goes out.

    Never make an extra trip to the store for batteries, or find out your batteries have died just when you need them most.

    when there is a power failure this clock will be the one that is still running


    Special Gift

    This clock is a truly unique accessory for home or office.

    It cut down on tangled wires from your desktop.Hassle-free alternative energy makes this clock a great green gift. It is fun way to decrease your carbon footprint.





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